Southwest X-Ray is setting a new standard with the only DIGITAL PET/CT in El Paso.

Digital PET/CT’s key role in diagnosis, staging, and treatment follow-up is rapidly growing as it brings vast improvements in sensitivity, volumetric resolution, and quantitative accuracy. This offers the opportunity to manage radiation dose, reduce scan times, and more accurately detect small lesions.

 Digital PET/CT was designed to optimize the experience of every stakeholder, from patient, to technologist, to radiologist, and to provide the clinical insights needed to inform the care path and improve patient care. Clinicians are highly impressed with DIGITAL PET/CTs ability to enhance small lesion detection in oncology and neurology, and to reduce the Radiation dose needed for these exams

Reduced patient scan times has a positive impact on image quality, patient comfort, and clinical throughput. The digital technology is built to help reduce scan times.