Protected Health Information

Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health and Related Patient Information

It has always been the practice of Akumin Corp. and all its subsidiaries and related or managed entities (collectively “Akumin”), including all facilities owned, managed and/or operated by Akumin to protect and preserve the privacy of its patients’ health and related personal information. We affirm this position by our strictly enforced Information Policies and Privacy Practices as detailed below.

Under no circumstances will Akumin share, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties any protected health or other personally identifiable information without the express authorization of the patient. Some exceptions may include trusted third parties such as your attending/referring physician(s), or other associated healthcare providers including medical reporting agencies, only to the extent necessary for the highest quality of service and/or as dictated by Federal and State Regulatory guidelines, for the specific medical services sought.

Our Notice of Privacy practices below is clearly intended to assure that any and all information including personal/email addresses, medical history, radiology or related exams and diagnostic reports as provided to or from you and your healthcare provider(s), including any other related personal health information (PHI), will remain strictly confidential and be maintained in a secure environment. Every and all safety measures reasonably available, have and continue to be taken to ensure the preservation and protection of such information within our organization and network.

Read our full Notice of Privacy practices. If you are unable to read and/or access this document due to a disability, or for any other reason, kindly contact us at the email below so we can assist you in obtaining a copy.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer by email at
c/o Akumin Corp.
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