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Our friends at GammaMedica have launched the BeCertain campaign! This is a great way to learn about the benefits of Molecular Breast Imaging for those with Dense Breast Tissue.

EL PASO, TX and SALEM, NH – March 28, 2016 – Gamma Medica, a leader in molecular breast imaging technology (MBI), announced today that Southwest X-Ray, the leading outpatient services provider in El Paso, TX, has installed Gamma Medica’s LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) system in its Gateway Blvd. West location. Southwest X-Ray will utilize the LumaGEM MBI system as a secondary diagnostic tool for inconclusive mammography screenings in patients with dense breast tissue.

“The installation of our LumaGEM MBI system in a standalone diagnostic imaging center is indicative of the market’s recognition of MBI as a standard secondary screening and diagnostic tool to the traditional mammogram,” stated Philip Croxford, CEO of Gamma Medica. “Our partnership with Southwest X-Ray not only offers the organization a breakthrough in the early detection of breast cancer in women who have dense breast tissue, but is a testament to the important shift in the evolving healthcare landscape toward a future of personalized care.”

MBI is a groundbreaking technology that eliminates key shortcomings of traditional anatomical imaging technologies such as mammography and ultrasound by significantly improving early diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue makes it more it challenging to detect cancer, as both lesions and dense tissue appear white on a traditional mammogram. According to recent publications, MBI is a functional imaging modality that highlights metabolic activity in breast tumors not visible on mammography due to tissue density, thereby leading to earlier, specific diagnosis, improved outcomes and lowered costs. LumaGEM has also proven to reduce painful and costly biopsies by 50 percent.

“Our goal is to provide our patients with the best quality of care by utilizing the latest enhancements in hardware and software,” said Roy Jauernek, M.D., a radiologist at Southwest X-Ray. “We needed to install a secondary tool that would provide our patients and staff with accurate results. Given the significant increase in cancer detection rates through the use of the LumaGEM MBI system, we are confident this installation will assist us in early diagnosis of breast cancer, specifically for our patients with dense breast tissue.

Southwest Xray is proud to offer the women in the El Paso Community additional breast cancer testing for women with dense breasts. Mammography is considered the standard breast cancer diagnosis test, however if you are part of the 40% of women with dense breast tissue: an Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) may the better choice for you to detect breast cancer. When women have a lot of dense breast tissue, tumors become hard to spot on mammograms. On mammograms, fatty breast tissue looks dark, but dense tissue is light, like tumors, so it can hide any cancerous areas that may be present.

MBI uses a radioactive tracer that “lights up” any areas of cancer inside the breast. This tracer is injected into the body through a vein in the arm. Breast cancer cells tend to take up the radioactive substance much more than normal cells do. A special camera called a nuclear medicine scanner then scans the breast, looking for any areas where the radioactive substance is concentrated.

In a study, published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, Mayo Clinic researchers evaluated the performance of molecular breast imaging in 1,442 women with dense breast tissue and no physical signs of a medical issue. Currently, many physicians advise additional imaging for women with dense breasts—usually an ultrasound or MRI—in order to avoid missing hidden cancer cells, especially since women with dense breasts are also at a greater the risk of developing breast cancer.

If you are at average risk for breast cancer and do not have dense breasts, mammography remains the screening test of choice for you. Many doctors believe that, for most women, mammography is better than MBI at detecting breast tumors when they are small and generally easier to treat. 

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Molecular Breast Imaging News!

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt highlights Gamma Medica’s LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging system we have available at Southwest X-Ray!
We are the only diagnostic outpatient imaging provider in El Paso, Texas and currently in the Southwest to provide this service to patients.  Watch the video below on how Molecular Breast Imaging and it’s benefits. If you’d like to read me, please visit our service page featuring Molecular Breast Imaging.


(Credit: NBC News)

New Breast Cancer Test Could Become Lifesaver For Some Women

There’s exciting new hope in the fight against breast cancer: a new test performed in addition to mammograms that’s showing it can be up to four times better at finding cancer.

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Lung Cancer is the leading cause of death among cancers in the United States.

The American Society of Clinical Oncologists now recommends annual screening with low-dose computed tomography for smokers and former smokers at high risk for developing cancer*

The American College of Radiology (ACR) supports the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendation (Grade B) for low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung cancer screening of adults aged 55 to 80 years who have a 30 pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years.

*According to
Please ask your health care provider about LOW DOSE CT Scan with Southwest X-Ray’s New 64 slice Scenaria.


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With days that are longer and warmer comes the perfect time to enjoy the weather and be active outside in our borderland city.  Unfortunately sometimes being active and playing sports can result in an injury, it’s important to know when it’s time to visit the doctor. The most common sports injuries include:

Ankle Sprain:

An ankle sprain is a very common injury that happens when the ligaments of the ankle is partially or completely torn, usually causing a popping sound at the time of the injury, swelling, and an inability to put weight on it. Most sprains are mild and heal within a few days, however if pain gets worse It is important to visit your doctor. He/she may order an MRI to view more closely the ligaments in your ankle. At Southwest X-Ray we carry an Oasis 1.2 Tesla Open MRI system that sets a high standard for patient-centric care and it’s the only one of it’s kind in El Paso. The open design of this MRI machine allows patients to receive a high quality exam faster and in a more comfortable, open environment compared to traditional MRI machines.

Broken Bones:

A wrong landing or a hit of a ball can cause a broken bone. Symptoms of a broken bone include pain that gets worse when the area is moved or pressure is applied. If you suspect a broken bone, you should visit your doctor as quickly as possible or visit Southwest X-Rays for an X-ray to diagnose a broken bone in a professional and safe environment.

ACL Tear:

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) helps control the movement of the knee. An ACL damage is most likely to occur when changing direction, stopping suddenly, or landing from a jump incorrectly. An ACL tear can range from Grade 1, which is mild, to a Grade 3, which is a complete tear of the ligament. Symptoms include pain and swelling. Most ACL tears can be diagnosed with an physical examination, however an MRI will give a much more detailed picture of the ligaments in the knee and an x-ray is recommended to rule out any bone fracture. If you suspect a torn ACL, you should visit your doctor right away.

Shin Splints

A common injury of when someone recently changed or intensified their workouts is a shin splints, which is the inflammation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissue around the tibia. Most shin splints will heal when just rest and ice but if the pain persists, you should visit your doctor, for a CT scan which can diagnose something more serious like a stress fracture or tendonitis.

Tennis Elbow

A tennis elbow is the overuse of the arm, forearm, and hand muscles. Surprisingly, 90% of people affected by tennis elbow don’t play tennis. Symptoms include pain or a burning sensation in the elbow and weak grip strength. This injury tends to happen slowly over time rather than with sharp, sudden pain. If you think you may have tennis elbow, visit your doctor. X-rays should be taken to rule out arthritis or an MRI may be ordered to identify a cervical spine injury that could be the cause of arm pain

Diagnostic testing includes methods which help doctors to identify specific injuries; common examples of these tests include x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI scans. Make sure to stretch properly and warm up muscles to avoid any injury, however Southwest X-Ray offers advanced technology to diagnose injuries. With most common injuries, rest, ice and compression will help. If your symptoms persist or your pain is more severe, check with your doctor and remember that Southwest X-Ray’s team of experts is waiting to help. Contact Southwest X-Ray to Book an appointment.

1.2 Tesla Open MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care.

Southwest X-Ray is proud to introduce our new high field strength with fast scans and RADAR compensation 1.2 Tesla Open MRI! It offers super conducting High-quality images you expect on High Field MR imaging with the open design.

A NO SEDATION and comfortable patient experience you can only get at Southwest X-Ray.
Up to 650 lbs. table weight capacity.

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Here at Southwest X-Ray we are dedicated to helping people of all ages with a range of diagnostic imaging services for early diagnosis and improved health care. Our services include X-Rays, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Density (DXA Scan, DEXA Scans), MRI, CT-Scans and now Molecular Breast Imaging.

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